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"A Real Gift"

There are many things you could offer. You have many qualities but we are looking for a single thing that you offer the world that is more significant than all the others. So if I had to choose I would go with your ability to inspire people. You have tremendous enthusiasm for life and the ability to transfer this enthusiasm is a real gift.

Paul Gibbons
CEO PeopleMaps

Clive, you are a genius. What's the next idea?

Jason Collins
Manager Fisher Theatre

Clive Hall was born in Manchester UK in 1941. Educated in Bedfordshire he dropped out of the sixth form at the end of the rugby season. Accepted as a Metropolitan Police cadet for entry in six months time he became a labourer in a scrap metal yard and also joined a rock band. Changing his mind about the Police he joined the RAF and became a radar technician on V bombers although he spent most of his seven years playing rugby. Entering the Financial Services industry he became sales director of the company he joined leaving after two years to found his own brokerage which he sold after building it to a 20,000 client base.

Using the skills gained in motivating and developing his sales force he founded his personal development and coaching business and wrote his first two books, How to stop Sabotaging your success and The Pillars of SPACE, under the d4s banner.

Throat cancer struck between the two publications causing a temporary hiatus to both the coaching and the writing career. During recovery he has written several books (including novels as a new venture). The first, The Janus Factor introduces Tom Speed who Clive describes as a reluctant hero. The sequel, The Blood Phoenix followed in November 2011 and by the third, V force, in December 2012.

C.A.T.S. -the Win/Win relationship system, is the third personal development book (2012) and Spectrum Plus (The System to gain Total Financial Independence) is due out in January 2013.

Now a prolific writer Clive still prefers delivering his message verbally and has been described as "a compelling speaker".

Having given up rugby after playing for nearly fifty years he spends his time when not writing in his one and a half acre garden in Norfolk with his wife Bren or working on renovating one of his classic cars which he says is where he gets his best ideas for helping people to reach their goals.

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